What products do you sell?  

We are a one stop shop! We sell - fruit, veg, meat, dairy, breads, eggs, pastas, sweets, chocolate, freshly baked goods & much more! 


When will I receive my order? 

If your order is placed via our website before 5pm it will be delivered to your door the next morning.


Do you deliver every day? 

We deliver Monday-Saturday. We are closed on Sundays to give our fabulous staff a day of rest.


Is there a delivery charge? 

Delivery is free on orders over £50. Orders between £25-49.99 have a delivery charge of £5. 


Why does it say you don’t deliver to my area when I reach checkout?

The only reason it would state that at checkout was if your order amounted to less than £25 - unfortunately we do not offer delivery on orders less than this value. 


If I place my order after 5pm when will I receive it?

Your order will de delivered the day after next. Eg. If ordered 6pm Monday, your order will be delivered on Wednesday morning. 


When do I place my order for delivery on Monday? 

Any orders placed between 5pm Friday evening & 5pm Sunday evening will be delivered on Monday morning.


Can I choose a delivery day? 

Sure - if you would rather not have the delivery made the next day, you can put a message in the ‘notes’ section when you get to your cart stating your preferred day.


Are deliveries contactless? 

Yes - all payments are made online & the orders are dropped at your doorstep.


Can I provide specific delivery instructions? 

Yes, if you’d like your delivery to be place in a shed/porch etc then you can write this instruction in the notes section when you get to your cart. 


Am I guaranteed to receive all items I have ordered? 

We strive to fulfill all customer orders but there may be some instances where products are NA on the day. If a product from your order is NA you will receive a refund for any unavailable items on the morning of your delivery. 


Can I return items? 

No, unfortunately we are not able to accept any returns. If there is an issue with your order it must be reported within 24h of receiving it.


Can I amend my order after it is placed? 

Yes - please email info@bettaveg.co.uk with your order number & any changes you would like to make. 

What do I do if there are items missing from my order? 

Please email info@bettaveg.co.uk with your order number & missing items.


Do you have social media? 

Yes - please give us a follow! 

Twitter - @bettaveg 

Facebook - @bettaveg

Instagram - @bettavegltd


If you have any questions at all, please contact us at info@bettaveg.co.uk